Eleonora Jelmini

I’m Eleonora Jelmini.
Since three generations the Jelmini women are in the fashion system.

The great passion of my grandmother, who founded in 1961 a clothing store, have been handed down to me. Already when I was a child I loved to dress up my dolls and the shop costumers who, even though my young age, gladly accepted my suggestions.
My great fortune is to have my mum by my side, a very classy woman, who allowed me to grow up in this ambient so fascinating.

Our greatest passion is to selectionate for you the best of fashion and propose it to you as friends.
A unique and incomparable relationship, which have been built over the years and wich, thanks to new technologies, has developed in Italy and beyond creating wonderful friendship ties.

You can personally contact me via Wechat, social networks and e-mail.

Jelmini, your trusted store since forever.