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The most beautiful gifts

I titled this post “the most beautiful gifts” because the opening event of the month of December along with many of you customers and the Missoni family was truly a beautiful gift.

The recipe book written by Francesco Missoni is definitely a wonderful Christmas present, autographed by the author and full of wonderful photographs.

Being a JELMINI customer means immersing yourself in a magical atmosphere, followed and pampered by us all the time.

Having such a large space allows me to always organize something special, and during the festive openings of December you will always find something to drink while choosing what to wear and what to give away.

I leave you some photographs taken during the presentation party of the book: you can get an idea of the selection of items avalaible, unique and inimitable. Every woman can find her style and the garments that best represent her.

A careful selection, never banal, of the best brands of Made in Italy, and the “Piedmontese beauties” close to us. In less than 1 hour you can reach the major ski resorts, in 5 minutes you will be immersed in the magnificent Reggia di Venaria, in 45 minutes thanks to the highways you will reach the Langhe and the Roero…..

Jelmini can be easily reached from all over Piedmont, Lombardy, Valle d’Aosta, reserved parking and warm welcome, without having to get nervous in the various city centers that are increasingly restricted