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Welcome to Jelmini

Welcoming you with a smile is the first thing I love to do when you come to visit us.

Thanks to the web and the immense JELMINI space I took contact with wonderful people, and every day I never cease to amaze me.

Choosing to come to us is to decide to take a real trip, I always say, a day dedicated to shopping and more.

The selection of brands and proposals is done personally by me and my mother and while we are in the various showrooms we always think about how they can wear and how much a woman can enhance the proposal we are evaluating.

This means that when you come to visit us, the size you wear never matters, but the only thing that interests us is to make you radiant.

Many of you ask me to tell you something about me, so from time to time I will dedicate some posts to you with some curiosities like this …