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Jelmini, 3 years in the new home

Today 1 MARCH is 3 years from the opening to the public of the new JELMINI space in Borgaro Torinese and 59 from the beginning of the history of the family brand.

When I saw for the first time the immense space of the new “home” for Jelmini it was immediately yes!

A project that involved my whole family, because you jelmini is first of all a family and we tried to create a good vibes mood where each of you could feel comfortable and welcome.

In these three years we have welcomed and met many wonderful people who have added to all historical knowledge. Among our customers there are several friends that we have served for generations and this is truly magnificent.

The idea I always had was to create a space different from everything and everyone, where “beauty” in its completeness was the generational meeting point.

Many times we welcome grandmother, mother, daughters and it is not a common thing I assure you, but it is wonderful to know that you find in us a point of reference.

You must know that many times, in my sleep, I dream and think of what I would like to achieve together with all of you, so I can think of ideas to involve you more and more with special Sunday openings that turn into parties, trips together, a chat at the fireplace.

GET DRESSED FOR PLEASURE, this is one of my mottos, and I love to observe and observe you to bring to light your essence through what you will wear.

I would like to keep a notebook to mark the many beautiful words that you have reserved for us in these years, just one of you yesterday stressed, “You are a family of artists” yes indeed each of us Jelmini is an artist and cannot be without art. As far as I am concerned … you know, I am a stage animal and every day I put on stage something unique together with all of you.