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Breakfast at Jelmini

In this long period of “suspended time” in which JELMINI store it was closed to the public, I found a way to be present and keep you company, creating a virtual showcase every morning with all the mannequins and chatting live on Instagram with many of you! The first thing I can do is to thank you …. yes an immense, infinite THANK YOU for the attention that gave me and a big WELCOME to all the new wonderful friends that I “met” online and that I will welcome as soon as possible immense space.

I called the morning broadcasts “Jelmini Breakfast” just because, you know how much we normally care about welcoming, here has always been a succession of events TOGETHER and while we helped you choose your outfits, you always chatted and sipped good coffee accompanied by some sweet ..

So the idea of MEETING us early in the morning, each in front of one’s own coffee, seemed nice to me and is a way to still feel UNITED even from a distance.

The restrictions will soon ease and we will be ready to welcome you physically in our immense space … with many new surprises.

Sincere thanks and welcome again to the many of you who have used the service in this period ” Ele comes to you” …. thanks above all to the DHL express courier service that we use all year round but which has never been more providential than ever before so that we could pamper you remotely.