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The “power” jumpsuit by Alberta Ferretti

During the entire period of closure to the public, a garment that really “supported” me, above all in spirit, was the super jumpsuit of Alberta Ferretti.

Every time I wore it, I felt like a super hero. It would be the geranium color and the fact that it reminded me of the super manga robots of the 80s that I loved so much as a child, the fact is that this suit really gave me something extra, to stay in touch with you thanks to the web, all united more than ever!

Many have chosen it and are loving and wearing it as I do … also, and in particular, some very very close friends, who in turn wore it during the lockdown and felt full of energy.

There are garments that we interpret in our own way every day and that give us emotions, perhaps precisely because they bring happy memories to mind. Each of us wears them in a different way and interprets something unique, because uniqueness is the key to living our days fully.

I love to “play” with what I wear and make it the same for all of you who come to visit me from Jelmini or that you have a selection of garments designed TOGETHER sent directly to your home.